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Choosing the best tyres for your vehicle can be a daunting prospect but getting it right is vital – get it wrong and you could well be compromising your safety. Thankfully the tyre side of our business is extremely well established and one of our helpful staff members will be happy to provide a quote for a series of options to suit, to ensure you get the best regular and 4×4 tyres.

Perth’s TWD4x4’s range of tyres are BF Goodrich, Dick Cepek, Nexen and Achilles as well as our directly imported stocks of Roadcruza, Comforser, Winrun and Habilead. We can also order in other brands at short notice if required.

At TWD4x4 our extensive range of stock means we can source the perfect tyre for your vehicle. Getting the best tyres for your vehicle is important because it’s not a case of one size fits all and we can help you make your choice based on both your vehicle use and budget. It can be a confusing prospect to select the best tyres with so many options available but this is one of our areas of expertise and our fully trained staff and are always available to help guide our clients through the process. Naturally if you have a small run around car that is used primarily for short journeys your tyres will be very different to those better suited to a high-performance sports car or vehicles driven on regular long distance trips. Tyres are designed to match the way the user drives and come with different speed ratings.

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4x4 tyres perth

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If you’re intending to use your vehicle off road we guide you in the right direction depending upon the terrain you intend to tackle. If it’s primarily sandy beaches and or sandy tracks you’ll be driving on, we’ll help you select the tyres that perform best for that role. If the ground is rough and rocky with deep crevices you’ll be facing different options. We can comfortably work in a wide range of price brackets, so simply tell us where you’ll mainly be driving, how much you want to spend and leave the rest to us to source the most suitable standard and 4×4 tyres.

Perth customers looking to custom their vehicle specifically for off road use should veer away from multi-road tyres. Yes they may initially handle the tracks well, but we find they lose their traction fast and advise our clients to invest in tyres specifically designed for off road use. It may cost a little more in the outset but in the long term we’ll help save you money because your tyres will need replacing less frequently. The multi-road wheels are also likely to deliver a less comfortable driving experience, with poorer control over time.

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Whichever tyre you choose from us you can be assured they all meet or exceed Australian standards. At the end of the day we value your safety and we also want to ensure your vehicle runs efficiently. By allowing us to select your tyres we can help keep your vehicle running at its best over every type of terrain and every distance. Visit our online store to see what 4×4 accessories we have in stock, or alternatively feel free to give us a call on (08) 9443 9100 or send us an enquiry.

4x4 tyres perth
4x4 tyres perth