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Are you looking for some extra height to your 4WD to help get you over challenging tracks and are looking for affordable and effective lift kits? Perth based TWD4x4 has the answer. Our suspension kits offer superior lifts to make sure you can safely drive over ruts, rocks, potholes and corrugations without mishap.

This is one of our areas of speciality and as 4WD enthusiasts ourselves we have the experience and skills to ensure you get the correct one fitted. We deal primarily with Profender, Dobinsons and Drivetech4x4 and suspension equipment, but can just as easily source other brands if desired. If you’re looking to excel and not let the Australian terrain hold you back, we have the answers and can complete the installation at a competitive rate in-house.

If you’re carrying heavy loads when tackling particularly difficult areas, the last thing you want is to be dragged down and risk your vehicle being damaged or becoming stuck. That’s no fun and at TWD4x4, off road driving is all about fun. Thanks to our technologically advanced lift kits you’ll be powering through even the trickiest and most daunting of tracks with no fear of becoming stranded.

lift kits perth

ADR Compliant

lift kits perth

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lift kits perth

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Simply tell us what sort of areas you’ll be driving through and we can identify the best lift kits. Perth is a great base for off-roading and it does not take long to reach some adventurous spots for an exciting 4WD journey that’s guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping.

By investing in a decent suspension kit you can really broaden your horizons and experience parts of our stunning country that many people can only dream of seeing. There are so many spectacular beaches, bush trails and national parks just waiting to be enjoyed so call TWD4x4 today and get the new off road chapter of your life started today.

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Visit our online store to see what lift kits we have in stock, or alternatively feel free to give us a call on (08) 9443 9100 or send us an enquiry.

lift kits perth
lift kits perth