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Perth’s TWD4x4 has a reputation for providing a wheel alignment service that’s guaranteed to help safeguard your tyres and ensure maximum longevity. If they’re not correctly aligned you run the risk of having them wear unevenly and this results in the tyres needing to be replaced sooner than they should.

Our experience in the tyre industry is second to none and our tyre side of the company has been thriving for nearly twenty years. We have learnt a great deal over the past two decades and we know that wheel alignment is vital to ensure the performance and lifespan of the tyre is maximised.

Thanks to this service we help make sure the driver has full control of the vehicle, both on and off road, the journey is safe and comfortable without any unwanted pulling sensations or irritating vibrations, and that you’ll get more kilometres from your tank of fuel. When your tyres are not correctly aligned it can apply pressure which can cause them to tilt slightly, which in turn means your car is faced with unwanted resistance on the road. This means it has to battle harder to drive in a straight line and the end result is higher fuel consumption. Well aligned wheels will also mean you’ll avoid increased wear on the vehicle’s suspension components.

wheel alignment perth

Smooth Driving

Expand Lifespan

Improve Safety

See wheel alignment as a wise investment and something that should be part of your regular servicing and maintenance programme. We recommend that for every 10,000 kilometres driven there should be a wheel alignment. Perth drivers have to drive a long way to explore WA and beyond. Unless we fly there’s no short cut to get there, so invest in a professional wheel alignment with TWD4x4 today and we guarantee it will save you money in the long run.

You’ll also need a wheel alignment every time you have new tyres fitted. We have the best equipment on the market to ensure they’re aligned quickly and our pricing is extremely competitive.

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Visit our online store to see what tyres we have in stock, or alternatively feel free to give us a call on (08) 9443 9100 or send us an enquiry.

wheel alignment perth
wheel alignment perth
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